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What is your best incentive?

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Mailchimp rolled out a new feature and I just had to make sure you knew about it – especially if you use Mailchimp or if you are thinking of using it. Now every account has access to use their free automation tool! Before, you had…

How do you get started with a VA?

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  Today’s message is all about getting started with a virtual assistant. Most of my clients have never worked with a virtual assistant with intentions of working long term – most work they have hired were temporary workers from Upwork or Fiverr, or one time…

Encore Blog Feature

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  Today, I’m keeping it short and sweet. Mostly, I want to address the #ShamelessPlug subject and share with you my first interview on Encore Music’s blog! I’m honored to have been interviewed and would like to officially thank them for including me in their blog!…

How To Get On Wikipedia 📝

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Well, I was pondering what to share with you to start the year off right and I thought, why not about something that most of my clients ask about / wonder if they should do this / why it matters / how it can happen…and…

Album Release Checklist

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  One of many reasons why a client comes to me is helping them handle their next album release. Being independent, it’s up to them to handle artwork, distribution, registration, the works – on top of promoting it, performing and practicing – which is on…

Did you know about this setting on Facebook?

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Today’s message is a short one but I think you’ll find it super helpful. I found something out about Facebook I didn’t know before. Our news feed on Facebook can seem random, unpredictable,and just plain mysterious, and you probably feel like your page just doesn’t reach…