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Fiona Z - The Musician's Five Star Assistant


Did you know about this setting on Facebook?

Posted by fionazwieb in Social Media

Today’s message is a short one but I think you’ll find it super helpful. I found something out about Facebook I didn’t know before. Our news feed on Facebook can seem random, unpredictable,and just plain mysterious, and you probably feel like your page just doesn’t reach…

Collect royalties every time you perform.

Posted by fionazwieb in Business Tips

Today’s topic is something I’ve been meaning to write about since the beginning of the year (better late than never, right?). If you’re recording and performing, you most likely are associated with one of the 3 big publishers – ASCAP, BMI or SESAC. (If you’re…

10 Thoughtful Gifts for Musicians

Posted by fionazwieb in Blog, Life

This time of year means gift giving, and I always hear from the people I work with that they need to find a thoughtful gift for their friends or colleagues. So, this year, I wanted to put together a list of what I know are…

5 Ways to use Fiverr as a Musician

Posted by fionazwieb in Blog

As a musician, there are going to be lots of instances that you need some creative jobs done, like a poster, a lyric video, or a quick logo. With all the hats you have to wear, you can’t expect to be a pro at performing,…

Extra stuff = extra cash

Posted by fionazwieb in Blog

This month, I went a little out of my comfort zone when a client of mine had me manage selling extra gadgets she had sitting around, wasting space. We discussed selling online and the argument came up – via eBay or Craigslist. I had never…